The Old Times

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In the days before the Internet came on, the scene people who wanted to spend any amount of time playing their favourite games in a casino usually had no option but to travel to get to a land-based casino. They usually had to face pretty long distances to get to the nearest town or city which was large enough to support a casino. To make the journey worthwhile it usually meant staying overnight or even for a long weekend. In the United States, for example, and in the major gambling centres of Las Vegas and Atlantic City in particular, the casino owners soon caught on to the idea that the best way to make people come to their casino was to provide top-quality accommodation as well as some form of entertainment for those who didn’t want to spend all their time at the tables backed up with any other perks that they could come up with.

Competition for the gambler’s dollars became so intense that Las Vegas became some kind of paradise, was massive investments in super luxury hotels reaching into the skies. Each of these monsters was designed according to a particular theme to make it stand out from the others. People were flocking to Vegas in their tens of thousands from all over the United States and even the world, to stay in these highly subsidised hotels, enjoy the world-class entertainment that was appearing there and all the rest of the tremendous facilities offered to them. The only thing that the casino hotel management couldn’t do was to force the players to play on the tables, so that they could recover as much of their costs as they could.

This became an even bigger problem when the world of Internet gambling opened up about twenty years ago. Serious players, who were less interested in being part of a tourist attraction, became much less inclined to make the long journey to these Meccas of gambling, instead preferring to stay at home and enjoy their wagering activities in the quiet comfort and security of their home.

Nowadays the major casino centres such as Vegas still attract some major high rollers, who compete against each other at high stakes poker in private games outside the glare of the public. Most of the players you will find in a land-based casino these days are mostly there to enjoy the amenities, and very rarely bet heavily.